Wood Carving Kit Dala Horse

Wood Carving Kit Dala Horse
Wood Carving Kit Dala Horse
Wood Carving Kit Dala Horse
Wood Carving Kit Dala Horse

Dala Horse Wood Carving Kit (H 13 cm) + Scout Knife L 18 cm (pointy).
Material: Horse block in soft linden wood. Knife sheath in natural leather.
Made in Sweden. Sharp knife! Only use under adult supervision.
Carving Instructionms and Band Aid included.

The Dala Horse
Toys for Swedish children were made in the shape of horses many centuries ago. In the early 1800s, workers would carve horses from wood during breaks in their hard toil in the forests or at the charcoal stack. The horses began to be used as a form of payment and as goods for bartering, and were painted in bright colours. Today, some 200 years later, the Dala Horse is a symbol of Sweden and a popular tourist souvenir.

  • Wood Carving Kit Dala Horse
  • Wood Carving Kit Dala Horse
  • Wood Carving Kit Dala Horse
  • Wood Carving Kit Dala Horse
Price 320 SEK
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